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Here we are, at the beginning of a new year. A beginning that seems to bring lots of new expectations, dreams and plans. We decided to resume the creation of content for our official website in order to be closer to you, those who truly love and enjoy a cappella music. The site was created quite some time ago, but we had to take some steps to figure out how to make it work. Now we are ready for action! We are gonna keep you informed about our new interesting projects, events, plans and day by day stuffs. So make sure you stay around!



Before we start our journey together, we invite you to take a look at a short resume of some of ours most colourful achievements. This way you can discover more about our vision, way of thinking, acting, working and so on. So let’s go!


1. Eurovision Song Contest 2015

The year of 2015 started with an amazing experience that brought us the 4th place in the national Eurovision contest. It’s rules inspired us to create our very first composition known under the name of “Love won’t run away”. We liked it so much, that it had stuck in our heads for a very long time. No kidding, after it was finished, we really couldn’t sing anything else. Obviously after some time we decided to record a video for it. It was produced by the great “Umbra” team and the wonderful director Adrian Horobet. These people are the heroes who had the patience to cope with six grown up children. Six grown up children who couldn’t stop themselves from laughing, playing and joking during the entire time of the production. It was especially crazy when we were filming the scene with the rotating chairs. It was quite an experience!


Take a minute to check out our performance and us on the rotating chairs.



 2.Romanian Radio Hall Concert


Our first concert took place in the largest symphonic and choral concert hall in Romania. There we collected a lot of remarkable memories. One of them is the moment with our special guest, known for being a remarkable cello soloists in Romania, Razvan Suma. With him we reinterpreted the beloved “Le grand tango” by Astor Piazzolla, written for piano and cello. To be honest this composition gave us some headaches during the study period, as it was a challenge for us to reproduce such a complex instrument. However the efforts were absolutely worth it. We hope to have a chance to collaborate with him again soon.


    3.  Sala Palatului Concert



This was our most touching and sensitive performance ever. It was organised in the memoriam of dozens young people that passed away during the tragical event that happened at the “Colectiv” club in Bucharest. It was made possible thanks to Stefan Banica Jr., who motivated us to honor the heroes and assist the victims’ relatives. Remembering that it happened due to a fatal human mistake, will ensure the avoidance of such events. Tears and uncontrollable emotions filled us up while thousands of people were singing with us. We will never forget that feeling.


    4.  “Luna si noi” single


This is the composition of a well known romanian rock band, Vita de Vie. It was created as a soundtrack for a short movie “When I came across the feathers”. It was totally unexpected when we, well, more exactly our girls, had received the proposal to interpret a part of it. Actually it was very beautiful part, with some folk, north, celtic, swedish, and other authentic influences. The girls were absolutely happy, especially our soprano, which grew up with a passion for traditional music. Now she could make use of all of those authentic elements with her voice, without any restrictions. She really enjoyed it!


This resumes just a little part of our activity. If you want to learn more and be a part of our story, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter! Let’s start this trip together!

See you around!