A new guest in the “laboratory”

February had almost gone and here we are with another blog post. Today we want to share with you a very pleasant experience that we had this week.

In our “laboratory” we had a special guest, with whom we spent a lovely time. Cristina Enescu (Aky), journalist, correspondent of the Metropolis magazine, and a great music lover came to us willing to discover our story. She heard us for the first time last summer, when we had a concert at Casa Filipescu- Cesianu, during a cultural project, named Art District. Some time later she contacted us, asking for an interview. Of course we were very excited. We spoke a lot about our thoughts, plans, dreams and we were really surprised seeing her sincere interest for a cappella music.

Cristina had prepared for us a lot of challenging questions, so we had a real competition for the microphone. Everyone has had a word to say, or an idea to express. Mihai, for example, was telling about how it is to be a cellist and a singer at the same time. Flavia explained the role of a cappella experience in her life and how it is to be the youngest member of the group. Elena had an inspired speech about the courage for doing that what really matters to you. Denis as always was the cutest specimen, telling funny jokes and making noise continuously. Even Bogdan, who wasn’t able to make a sound, because of his bad cold, was very active and eager to answer.

It was great and we really enjoyed those few hours spent together with Cristina.
Article is coming soon, so stay close if we had raised your curiosity!

See you!
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