Fresh news! Fresh song!

Today seems to be the right time for our second blog post. And it really is, as we have news for you!


The beginning of this year brought us a very special surprise. We are happy to present you our latest recorded song “Până când nu te iubeam” and tell the story of its appearance. This song is a traditional composition that belongs to the great romanian singer, Maria Tănase. We worked on it in collaboration with Damian Draghici & Brothers. Our objective was to remake it in a different, kind of jazzy style, with unusual, for its origin, elements. Our version of this song was released as a part of the “Damian Draghici & Brothers – Gypsy Rock (Change or Die)” album. Many artists have contributed to this album by choosing wonderful traditional songs and giving them a new coat. The idea of this project was to recreate the old sounds in a modern and unique way.



We did the same. We choose “Până când nu te iubeam”, for its beauty, sensibility and depth. Our colleague Elena was yet another reason for picking this particular composition. She had already fallen in love with it since a very long time. Thus, she didn’t hesitate to miss the moment to bring up “Până când nu te iubeam” for review. Once we heard it, there were no more doubts that it is the perfect match. We did not waste any time and started working on it.


The entire process was full of excitement for us. We have spent considerable time trying to find the right way to reproducing the instruments. As always, during the rehearsals we have been trying out our voices to sometimes have more success and other times less. Even so we really enjoyed reinterpreting Maria Tănase’s work with jazzy pigments. During the few days of recording we had the chance to collect impressions from many talented and motivating people who also participated in the making of  the “Damian & Brothers” album. We had the opportunity to live a truly unforgettable experience!


We invite you to take a look at the outcomes of our work. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more news about Blue Noise.