Forbes Life Romania- New interview

This period of time seems to be rich in interviews, so today’s post is about another one that we had recently had. This time we spoke with Forbes Life Romania’s team which we have met at the Forbes Best Office Buildings 2017 event. It took place in a beautiful location from the central area of the town- Novotel Hotel. By the way, you might not know, that this place keeps a little piece of the city’s history. Many years ago, in the interwar period, the Bucharest National Theatre (The Big Theatre) was located right there. But, because of bombings during the Second World War, this building was levelled to the ground. Only the front wall remained, which the architects decided to save in the new project.

But now, let’s get back to our stuff. It was a really big pleasure for us to be there, to meet so many interesting and talented people, to sing for them and simply enjoy spending time. With a kind smile we’re remembering a funny situation. We met a very nice girl that posted a photo entitled “Helen and Blue Noise”. The idea is that we have a joke about that. Our colleague, Helen, has a well-known solo project, that’s why, once, at the concert, someone introduced us in the same way- “Helen and Blue Noise”. Since then, this joke became legendary for us. We laughed a lot.
The result of this wonderful evening is this provocative, a little chilly and interesting interview, that you can find bellow.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

Cum se traduce muzica pentru cei 6 protagoniști ai formației Blue Noise?

Till the next time!
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